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All calls made to each recipient will be intercepted by RoboStopper TM  
through its
Voice Recognition Requirement TM (VRR) system. (Patent Pending)

RoboStopper's TM VRR service will be offered through Apps and several
telephone companies for each owner's house-hold phone and
mobile-phone  for any cell, landline or other computer-related services.
This program will be both freely available and include fee-paid options
to eliminate telemarketing calls that are undeterred by the "Do Not Call"
list experienced without
RoboStopper TM

The licensed VRR software, which is to be built within phone systems
& apps, will provide the
RoboStopper TM benefit for each recipient to
add the
VRR to his or her own phone line.

VRR will silently interrupt all inbound calls to recipients from all
callers requiring a verbal or digital response to a code entered into the
VRR initially by each recipient ... and which can be changed anytime.

This will be initiated in the same way a voice message is added to each
recipient's voice message machine or phone company's voice
message service as provided by every telephone company.

Each recipients code - whether a voice-initiated code or a dialed-in
numeric code - in which the recipient's requires every caller to repeat
the code for matching and acceptance  purposes - will then need to be
responded to by human callers ... and consequently identified by the  
VRR or telephone company's service software program prior to the
actual inbound call being received or rejected.

If the required verbal response or number code is not punched in to
match the same numerical code or repeated by the caller to match the
recipient's own coded
VRR  message, that specific call will be
terminated without a need to disturb the recipient at any time.  

By example, a short 10 second statement - similar to any normal voice
message system - will require every caller to record the
RoboStopper TM
message into the
VRR system,  Three examples are:::

"This line is robo-call protected -  My first name is":  ____________


"For Robo-call protection, I live in" :  ________________________


 "This is a Robocall protection service - please dial or enter  the
following number for acccess right now...4455
:    ________________

The recipient's required response can be changed regularly and
recorded into the
VRR system frequently forcing the caller to provide a
matching voice-recognizing response each time.  This system will
become easy to embrace and ubiquitous in a short time.

The phone company's
VRR's -  acting as the "gatekeeper" -  will then
match the caller's response to the password for subsequent
acceptance or immediate rejection of each call.

This concept is capable of implementing robocall interception on all
personal, business or mobile / cellular services world-wide.

The match will automatically connect the caller by ringing or providing
similar notification for the recipient to answer the phone device or have
their regular voice mail system or service electronically record callers
messages in the conventional manner used by recipients worldwide.

VRR will not antagonize friends and family as they have
experienced the mutiple robocall interruptions.  They, too, will be
delighted to stop these incessant and perpetual sales & marketing
calls. They, too, will  share with each other the  benefits of the
VRR and
RoboStopper TM Program app.  Implementation of the RoboStopper TM
system will  become common place and just as comfortable for
recipients to record  or digitize
VRR statements similar to creating
voice messages on recording devices or telephone/cell services.

The net result is that
RoboStopper TM can effectively put robocall
vendors including unknown callers out of business through the loss of
economic benefits they derive from robocall  sales.



Robocalls require a recipient to accept calls in order to exist.  There is
no technology capable of guessing single or a frequently-changing  
VRR passwords. Consequently, inbound robocalls would be rejected
while friends and family will respond to a simple answer known to them
 to then have each call answered normally by the recipient when  
available or the voice message equipment  when unavailable.

While this concept will prevent most if not all robocalls, the
implementation of the
RoboStopper TM will discourage and ultimately
cause the termination of organizations that continually choose to
deceive all levels of American society with their convoluted "pitches".

The effect of robocalls that may penetrate recipents will result in
resentful recipients towards those callers who use deceitful methods to
scheme up by-passing attempts to defraud the American public
. with
additional techniques such as a human-made phone-call identifying
names of recipients whose name was recorded as the
VRR code.

That experience will prompt recipients to immediately change the
code which will end the problem... until the next changed
VRR code.
How RoboStopper TM Works!
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