The constant barrage of national & global telemarketing aimed at
selling product or services to U.S.A. households, in addition to
fund-raising and contribution requests for charities, illustrates the
massive daily invasion into the privacy of approximately 250 million

Most american individuals and business organizations interact
normally on their phones with friends, family and business calls when

The remaining relentless inbound phone calls are either ignored if not
identified and which consume time in recorded voice-messages that
still take time to scan and delete or listened to at the risk of missing
personal messages between the non-stop telemarketing robocalls.

The collective robocall avalanche of unstoppable sales calls continue
to cause chaos and financial losses to the population in time and
money forcing  million of people to choke over those calls on an hourly

iRoboStopper TM has been developed with a patent-pending solution to
deflect and destroy this insidious intrusion into all our lives in
preventing the ongoing damage from further bottlenecking our
tele-communication system with pressure-selling techniques and
persistent charitable and political causes that never end each day.

RoboStopper TM ( See: www.RoboStopper.com)  is a sound / voice
recognition password system designed to  thwart every robocall and
telemarketing organization through the process of suspending
all calls
before connecting with all recipients or their message equipment.

RoboStopper TM prevents the accessibility of all inbound
calls to all receiving devices without confirming the digital or verbal
password response required, which, upon matching confirmation, will
enable the continuing process directly to the recipient or their
answering device regardless of those message answering systems
being activated by sound, light or conventional style ringing or beeping
 announces those recipient-approved inbound calls.

RoboStopper TM will block local, regional, national  and
foreign telemarketers in their robotic attempts to solicit and pester
citizens in every community.
RoboStopper TM will ultimately obliterate
their robocall profitability in which the termination of these calls will
render their systematic technique obsolete without disturbing and
interrupting the peace and serenity of all households including


RoboStopper TM  (patent pending)  will automatically identify each
INBOUND call BEFORE an electronic or wireless connection connects
to each recipient's mobile, land-line or computer-aided telephonic

Inbound telemarketing robocalls, will identify, alert and activate
RoboStopper TM - an "in-process" developing APP and business
program known as the
Voice Recognition Requirement TM (VRR)
software program.  The
VRR will match spoken or digital passwords
and authorize the transfer of those inbound  calls - or will deflect and
terminate unwanted inbound computer-initiated calls - without
disturbing or notifying recipients of those unwanted calls.

RoboStopper TM system provides each recipient with the capability
to add a "
Robocall Protection Message" to their voice-mail messaging
system prior to their regular voice mail messages being heard by callers
when a recipient is or chooses to be unavailable.

By Example:
This is the 1st message heard by the caller when dialing  inbound to

The software's vocal option will match the verbal password that the
recipient records into the software program.  Each caller will hear and
repeat the password answer in order for the program to approve and
connect the call to the recipent.  If that caller's response is not repeated
within a time limit selected by the recipient, the inbound call will be

The "
Robocall Protection message" can be entered vocally or digitally
based upon which message system is selected by the recipient.

By Example:
This is the 1st message heard by the caller when dialing  inbound to

For the more sophisticated recipients with state of the art  business
and personal equipment, this alternative PIN (Personal Identification
No) option can be easily recorded by each recipient by entering any
sequence of PIN numbers chosen into the APP's
VRR software
program using their keypad to simply "dial" in those selected PIN code
numbers. The
VRR will provide 2 or more digitized codes.

The PIN can then be verbally provided or communicated via email from
the recipient to any business or personal contact.  Recipient's known
callers can then add the PIN to each recipient's phone number using
the "Pause" feature included with many devices as the recipient's
phone number extension.  

If and when the recipient elects to change the PIN, the same procedure
as above is repeated. Callers will include the PIN provided by each
recipient into their automatic dialers using the "Pause" when dialing
the recipient's provided digital "password" number in order for their
inbound call to be accepted by recipients.

Once approved, the recipient's inbound call will connect immediately
through to the recipient or may, alternatively, be directed to an
answering device, if available, for callers to then leave a message at
their option.


RoboStopper TM will prevent tele-marketing and sales promotional
attempts  to capitalize on the sales of products and services to the
American community through the procedural and utilitarian use of this
patent pending system rendering the ongoing robocall technique
Robocalls Eliminated ! - Overview
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