As a broker, I quote all insurance companies.  The Insurance company I prefer -
and which is a policy-holder "Protection First"  Company - is Berkshire Life
Insurance Company & is 100% owned by The Guardian Life Insurance Company.

Over 40% of the medical fraternity buy the Guardian/Berkshire Long Term Care
and disability Insurance products.  Guardian's benefits exceed most other
insurance Companies and they have an exceptional record in handling
insurance settlement claims expeditiously for their policy holders.

For my clients, that's paramount!

Guardian subscribes to statistics in which 1 out of 2 individuals within a household
may suffer Alzheimers at age 64 and will require LTC insurance to protect one of
them from a  long term care event at age 85.  Guardian's LTC policy premiums are
similarly rated where 2 members in a house-hold will receive a significant discount
paying a maximum of 1.3  times the premium rate of the older member.

Their benefits amount, however, covers BOTH individuals should both require
long term care insurance.

Their qualifications are stringent and approval is not easily attained and is based
on good health and age.    Many clients recognize the immediate need for
health approval to avoid both rejection or higher premiums when their health  

The no-charge approval process normally requires a phone-call interview.  It may
include a possible face-to-face review and a potential memory test to validate the
health category confirmed by underwriters.  All your records required are
accessible through the Medical Information Board as well as from your own
Doctor’s records.

There is no obligation or cost at all.  Should you opt to decline the policy after
approval, you are free to terminate it without any charge to you, your full one
month premium refund required with the application submission is fully
refundable and the approval rating received would no longer be valid.

After emailing your premium illustration to you, optional choices may be
recommended.  Premiums can be adjusted raised or lowered to meet your
emotional and financial coverage requirements.

Choices include tax write-offs as a business owner or as an independent
consultant and an alternative "10-Pay" plan (Maximum 10 years of premiums
only) vs. life-time payments are available. (Consult with your Accountant!)

The approval process may take 8 - 12 weeks. Each day's delay may have a
negative impact with your health category resulting in rating changes today
and significant premium $$$ tomorrow!  Without LTC insurance, or a health
approval rejection, self-insurance will drain much if not all of your hard-earned
retirement savings & Family assets.

Start off today by downloading & completing your application to initiate the
process.  There is adequate time to review all relevant documentation during
the approval process under review by the underwriters. Nevertheless, it is
always recommended that you seek counsel from your tax attorney before
taking any tax decision at all.

The next step is submitting your application for approval - our obligation is to
assist you in preparing the application. Please call us to take this next step.


                                       Geoff Phillips - Life Agent
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