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" Nothing is more preventable than the swift  and  
total financial devastation that comes from a
long term care stay
Suze Orman
"In You've Earned It,
Don't Lose It."

What are your plans for
Nursing Home Care?
Where will the money
come from for Long
Term Care?
Do you think
it's possible
that you
might grow old?
if you do grow old, is
it possible you may need
help with bathing, dressing,
eating, toileting, etc.?
If that's the case,
where are you going to get that care?
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Coincidental to this CNN report, the State of California is moving towards the
approval of premium increases for Long Term Care. The rate change is imminent.   

Our website has illustrated the current comparison of rates to increases in other
States.   LTC financial advantages & benefits are reflected for your review.

CALL Geoff Phillips - 858-353-8337 for LTC INFORMATION
and a confidential review of best rates currently available.
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