A Her love of the alphabet is seen in various calligraphic
renditions, including a HERBAL ABECADARIUM, where
each letter of the alphabet and a matching herb or spice
is described and written out in calligraphy in pen and ink,
and the images are painted in watercolors.  

The largest poster company in America, BRUCE MCGAW INC,  
published this piece and it is still featured in their catalog
along with other botanical works of art by Grace.

Amongst her commissions are Illuminated Scrolls of Honor for
dignitaries, V.I.P.’s and State Presidents, as well the Int'l
Philatelic Society’s presentation to H. M. Queen Elizabeth II.

Her original covers for BLIMEY
! MAGAZINE – a magazine
for the South African troops at the time of WWII shows
her sketching ability and sense of humor, with very
sensual portrayals of young ladies -WACS- something
that the young troops enjoyed!

Grace enjoys painting in mixed media, and paints in acrylics,
collages, watercolor, pen and ink, and oils. She has also
designed paintings and calligraphy on porcelains. Her
work is varied – full of color, form, composition and light!

Most of the private art collection now resides as a tribute and
memory to Grace Phillips on this website:
Copyright © 2005 - 2011 - All International Rights Reserved  

Grace Phillips, renowned South African artist and calligrapher,
has exhibited her award-winning paintings and calligraphy in
the U.S.A. & abroad over the years, and has had several
one-woman shows.

Her work was featured in an exhibition in La Jolla, California,
entitled “Jewish Women, A Lifetime of Art” which opened on
March 19 and ran until May 16, 2008.

Grace Phillips lived in San Diego, California. Since
coming to the United States from South Africa, she has
been very much involved in the art world, and was President
of the El Cajon Art Association, and Vice President of the
San Diego Watercolor Society.

Her early work features portraits of young African men and
women, Market scenes, indigenous South African fauna,
flora, and landscapes of ‘The Veldt”, “Zoo Lake”,
Cape Town Seascapes and many others.

Her artwork has been inspired by the vibrant colors of nature
and include florals, botanicals and landscapes as well as
typical South African flowers such as Protea & Red Hot Pokers.

During her travels she was intrigued by city scapes and
building roof tops.  Her watercolors and oils capture
the energy of cityscapes whether in New York City,
Old Town San Diego, Tokyo, Paris, Spain and Thailand.
with Art, Scent, Wine, Food, great Music with a
South African / Californian flavor & ambience.

We thank South African Airways and ETALI
SAFARI LODGE for donating the spectacular
Grand Prize of a round trip ticket for two to
SA and a wonderful 3-night weekend at
the most luxurious ETALI Safari Game park
in Southern Africa. Thanks to Timeless
Africa Safaris for the introduction to ETALI.

This “opportunity drawing” valued at over
$6,500 was won by A.M (Name will be
provided upon request) from buying
paintings at Scripps Exhibition.

The personal collection of Grace Phillips was
exhibited at Scripps Memorial Hospital
through Jan.4, 2011.  

We are extremely grateful to all those who
have made this tribute possible!

Most sincerely and sensorially….treasure
every day!     

Sue and Geoff Phillips
What started out as a dream a little more
than two years ago to honor our mother,
Grace Phillips, became a reality! On October
5, 2010, we achieved our goal of paying
tribute to her by showcasing her lifetime
achievement in Art and to raise awareness
for Alzheimer’s, from which she suffered.

As a tribute to Grace Phillips who was THE
foremost Calligraphist and Watercolorist
from South Africa and who was active in
the arts in San Diego for over 20 years, her
children Geoff and Sue Phillips, together
with Scripps Memorial Hospital, presented
this Retrospective exhibition.

This was a one-time spectacular event of a
collection of art, painted over 70 years,
some of which has never-before-previously-
been seen, which was exhibited for three
months, portraying South African scenes,
florals, portraits, and landscapes from Grace’
s travels all over the world.

We are grateful to all our Sponsors for their
enthusiasm and generosity, and for their
helping to create a SENSORY CELEBRATION
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