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Geoff Phillips and Sue Phillips
in honor of their Loving Mother
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The Grand Prize of two round trip
tickets to South Africa donated by
South African Airways and a 3-night
weekend stay at the fabulous ETALI
SAFARI Lodge. drawn on Jan 4 and
was won by A.M. - The winner's name
will be provided upon request

Enjoy viewing Grace's magnificent art
in the following pages and we want to
thank those who took time to honor
Grace at her Art exhibition Debut and
who purchased some of her paintings
from which we hope you will receive
much pleasure and appreciation of her
talent and artistic perspectives.

Most sincerely,     Geoff & Sue Phillips
Welcome to the marvelous website
designed and developed for Artist and
Calligrapher, Grace Phillips,  born in
South Africa, became a victim of
Alzheimers and died in San Diego, CA.

In honor of her private art collection,
the Grace Phillips'Retrospective Art
Exhibition and fundraiser was held at
Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla
San Diego from October 5th, 2011
through January 4, 2011.

We want to acknowledge all our
sponsors and in particular, South
African Airways and Etali Safari Lodge
(introduced by Timeless Africa Safaris)
who co-sponsored the art exhibition.

A Tribute in Memory of a
Wonderful Loving Mother,  and an Extrordinary Artist

Grace Phillips

who, in her life-time, has produced well over 250 paintings, citations to top
dignitaries including Queen Elizabeth II of England and a host of commercial
material including the historical war-time Blimey! Magazines and  an
abundance of illustrations, sketches,  and exotic materials of her era.

The sheer volume of her passionate work over an active period of some 70 of her
88 years  - and as presented in our dedicated website to her memory -  would
represent over 2 paintings a month!

Her passing on January 11th ,2011 was both a blessed and a comfortable
release from 5 years of severe health deterioration.

The remaining 3 years were a blessing for Grace as she was stricken with
Alzheimers which, ironically, blotted out the conscious turmoil
of what others -  who knew Mom -  became saddened while not fully being
able to comprehend that Mom's final  years spared her the pain and agony of
dealing with her own demise and with what finally led to her peaceful and
painless departure to her eternal life.

We will always be eternally grateful to our Mother who provided us with the
tools to appreciate and participate musically and artistically under her guidance
and passionate determination to ultimately have us develop our own artistic

creativity which has manifested  itself in our own daily lifestyles.

Sue Phillips & Geoff Phillips
Her children